Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, a forthcoming middle grade novel by Diane Daniels Manning


A Forthcoming Middle Grade Novel by Diane Daniels Manning

A lonely boy who misses his dad learns about life, loss, and hope from a puppy that’s too homely for dog shows, seventy-year-old twin sisters, two best friends, and a highly placed ally.

What would you do if you wondered where your father is and when he is coming home? George Durrell, a twelve-year-old boy who never gives up hope, goes straight to the Commander-in-Chief and sets up an email chain with the President of the United States. If only George’s brain could remember the day he forgot, he might discover the answers for himself, but his mom and his shrink say it is better if he remembers on his own. Meanwhile, helping the old woman next door with her naughty, ugly-duckling poodle puppy keeps his sadness at bay. DEAR MR. PRESIDENT is a middle grade, coming-of-age novel that impresses readers with George’s resilience as he negotiates becoming an adolescent without his father. It is an uplifting novel full of hope, friends a boy can count on, and unexpected triumphs.