Hill Country Teacher

Memories from the One-Room Schoolhouse and Beyond

“HILL COUNTRY TEACHER vividly reminds us of how far teachers have come from a time when they had no rights and no voice — and how much they have lost through the bureaucratization of education. These teachers have a rich story to tell.” – Albert Shanker President, American Federation of teachers

“HILL COUNTRY TEACHER charts growth and change in the work and lives of … public school teachers in the rural Texas hill country … Oral histories spanning fifty years chronicling … the roles of eight teachers who began their teaching careers as teenagers in one-room schoolhouses under severe social restrictions.  They grew up with the profession, becoming pioneers in combining marriage and teaching, in special education, and in school integration.” – Polly Welts Kaufman, Author of WOMEN TEACHERS AND THE FRONTIER

“… provides a great resource for anyone studying  teachers’ perspectives on their own lives and work.” – Sari Knopp Biklen, Syracuse University